I Love You In Every Language App Reviews

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Not nearly enough languages

Thai, indo, korean, and any african language is missing. "every language" not.

Very nice! For all you sexy ladies out there

I really find this application usefull especially if you have some foreign girlfriends. ;) It has a great majority of countries to choose from, and very nice and clean wallpapers.

Nice app

Cute, perfect for a little gift for someone you love. Lots of wallpapers for girls to use on their phone.

what more can you ask for ?

this is the perfect way to say i love you !!! great app !

My Girlfriend Loves It!!!

I downloaded this app for my girlfriend and she loves it! The wallpapers are very cute! I even found out how to say "I love you" in Hawaian: "Aloha au iage" :)


This app is probably the best free one so far. Above any other one its educational and just look at it, it so cute. Cant wait to grab the backpack and get myself between some foreign beauties this summer.

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